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Our data center location

HosT1Fire offers a global network with low latency, allowing you to deploy service infrastructure files close to your customer base.

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Filter Attacks

We have protection that can filter large attacks of up to 2 TB.

Protection on all layers

Automatic mitigation of all types of attacks based on the protocol and application layer.

How does our system work

Our HosT1Fire security platform automatically detects suspicious and abnormal traffic activity and filters malicious packets before they can do any harm to the server. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence algorithms and updates to the latest threats, DDoS protection is highly advanced that mitigates all types of attacks, even massive ones (1.8 Tbps +).


Speed Dial

Your connection will not be affected when protection is turned on or high in ping strongly

Attack Analysis

Our engineers perform forensic analysis of each DDoS attack to reveal certain patterns related to IP addresses, protocols, and attack origins. We constantly update our DDoS protection system with data from the latest exploits and attack patterns, thus protecting you from even the most complex attacks.

Constant traffic cleaning

All malicious traffic is cleaned up by powerful cleaning centers before it is reinjected into the network. Our multi-layer system accurately filters traffic based on IP addresses, ports and protocols to ensure that legitimate visitors are not prevented from accessing your servers. The cleaning process takes place automatically, behind the scenes, without causing delays or interruptions to the workload.

24/7 expert hosting support our customers love

We are here for you and to help you innovate and maintain your project, and you can contact us.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Efficiently productivate reliable paradigms before ubiquitous models. Continually utilize frictionless expertise whereas tactical relationships. Still have questions? Contact us

All of our services come with free protection, and you can activate the protection through our Dodos Attack control panel or contact via technical support

Yes, a secure cloud consists of multiple systems to filter attacks on Layer 3 and also on Layer 7 application level attacks.

The DDoS protection will not affect you while working